MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Advanced product lines take your machine to the next level

MITSUBISHI CNC provides the user in the world with the quality product corresponding to the craftsmanship in the world by "processing control technology", "high quality and quantity reliability", "network", and these three concepts.

M800V/M80V Series

A variety of innovative control functions help you to machine various ‘things’ with high speed and accuracy.

M800/M80 Series

Fully new lineup that completely re-defines CNC.

C80 Series

Revolutionary, next-generation CNC functionality adds to production lines through compatibility with MELSEC iQ-R Series.

M700V Series

The high-grade Mitsubishi CNC M700V Series is equipped with advanced complete nano control.

M70V Series

The global standard Mitsubishi CNC M70V Series is pursuing high speed and accuracy.

E70 Series

Simple CNC E70 Series, offering easy operability and high cost performance.

C70 Series

The iQ Platform compatible CNC C70 Series is incorporated with Mitsubishi's state-of-the-art technologies.