MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Simple integration into existing network environments

FR-E700‑ENE with integrated Ethernet

Offering 100Mbit Ethernet TCP/IP & CC-Link IEF Basic connectivity as standard, the FR-E700-ENE inverter provides machine builders and systems integrators with increased ability for remote system monitoring and parameter adjustment, as well as easy integration into existing network environments.

Features and user benefits

Reduced cost

Standard Ethernet connectivity reduces the cost of connecting the variable speed drive to an Ethernet network with no need for add-on modules. The connection also provides support for both CC-Link IEF Basic and Modbus/TCP.

CC-Link IEF Basic

  • Supports cycling communication to reduce programming effort
  • Cost-effective networking over Ethernet
  • Sits on top of general TCP/IP stack for mixed communication
  • Enables general device using TCP/IP to be connected on the same network
  • Easy trouble-shooting with diagnostic functions


  • Adapts to Modbus/TCP industrial Ethernet protocol

Optimal support of Industry 4.0

The embedded Ethernet port allows the user to connect to the drive using standard protocols as CC-Link IE Field Basic (CCLIEFB) / SLMP and Modbus/TCP for running / monitoring the drive, and adjusting parameters.

  • No need for special software
  • Security improvement by IP Range filtering
  • Direct connection for control by SCADA systems
  • Remote diagnosis and rectification of faults
  • Improved response for maintenance

Easy access to all drives from one location

With Mitsubishi Electric’s FR-Configurator2 software, users can search the network for connected drives, and establish a connection with full control of parameter adjustment, parameter upload/download, and monitoring.

  • Direct connection to the TCP/IP network by cable or WiFi
  • System scan to identify FR-E700-ENE drives on the network
  • Full access to the drive for parameter adjustment and monitoring
  • Upload and download of parameter sets

Simple wiring and data handling

The ability to standardise the network on industrial Ethernet simplifies wiring and means the same system infrastructure can be used for different Ethernet-based protocols. This is highly cost-efficient and allows simple enhancement of machines.

Flexible access

In addition to direct connection over Ethernet, a PC can also be connected by the USB port on a Mitsubishi Electric PLC. Providing a comfortable and familiar environment for engineers setting up the drive or for maintenance staff.