MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
Linear motors are a type of electric drive units that directly convert electrical energy into linear motion instead of converting it to rotary motion as with rotary motors. Elimination of transmission mechanisms which include backlash, enables smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds.


The LM-U2 is a coreless type linear motor that offers exceptional performance and reliability. With no cogging and minimal speed fluctuation, it provides smooth and precise linear motion. The absence of magnetic attraction force ensures a longer lifespan for the linear guides, reducing maintenance requirements. The LM-U2 is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 2 m/s. It offers a range of rated thrust options, from 50 N to 600 N, and a maximum thrust capacity ranging from 150 N to 2400 N. With its superior characteristics, the LM-U2 is an ideal choice for applications that demand high precision and durability.


Designed for space-saving applications with high-speed and high acceleration/deceleration requirements, the LM-H3 is a core type linear motor. Its compact design allows for efficient utilization of available space without compromising performance. With a maximum speed of 3 m/s, the LM-H3 delivers swift and accurate linear motion. It offers a variety of rated thrust options, ranging from 70 N to 960 N, and a maximum thrust capacity ranging from 175 N to 2400 N. Whether it's rapid positioning or dynamic motion control, the LM-H3 provides the power and efficiency needed for demanding applications.


The LM-AJ is a core type linear motor designed for applications where low installation height and compact size are essential, making it particularly suitable for compact X-Y tables. With a maximum speed ranging from 2 to 6.5 m/s, it offers both versatility and high-performance capabilities. The LM-AJ comes in various rated thrust options, ranging from 68.1 N to 446.8 N, and a maximum thrust capacity ranging from 214.7 N to 1409.1 N. Its compact form factor and excellent performance characteristics make the LM-AJ an excellent choice for space-constrained applications that require precise and efficient linear motion.