MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Where precision is needed, direct drives from Akribis

Akribis direct drives aim to meet increasing needs for high specification, high precision manufacturing of products.

Due to the miniaturization and high functionality of smartphones and accelerated adoption of electric vehicles, linear servo motors and linear stages are increasingly in demand for use in equipment for manufacturing semiconductors, flat-panel displays, lithium-ion batteries, etc. to achieve increased productivity and precision.

The connection is made by Mitsubishi Electric servo amplifiers. Mitsubishi's servo systems have been widely adopted in various production facilities around the world due to the company' s strong industrial automation product line up. Through the e‑F@ctory Alliance partnership with Akribis, which has a high share of the global market for linear servo motors and linear stages, Mitsubishi Electric aims to accelerate the advancement of its e‑F@ctory concept and strengthen its total industrial automation solutions, combining its own servo systems and other industrial automation products with Akribis' wide product line up and flexible customization abilities.

Akribis Systems