MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Efficient control with high quality sensors for Mitsubishi Electric CNC and motion systems in retrofit and new systems

Lenord + Bauer is an internationally active specialist for motion sensors and integrated drive technology. Their innovative modular magnetic encoder kit MiniCODER leaves nothing to be desired for machine tools and packaging machine applications.

MiniCODER - proven worldwide

Modern machines feature high efficiency and versatility. A prerequisite for these aspects is optimal control. The resolution and sampling rate are crucial for the digital processing of the signals. The more precise the values provided by the sensors, the more accurately the control system operates. In mechanical engineering and tool manufacture, compact encoder kits undertake this task.

Here the MiniCODERs can exploit their full potential. They are compact, precise and resilient. It is not without reason that they are the world‘s most widely used speed sensors in high-speed spindles.

High demands on suitable sensors, analogue and digital

The new MiniCODERs are available as rotational speed and position sensors. With the aid of a precise target wheel they supply either exact differential signals or absolute positions with high accuracy. Each measuring system comprises the scanning unit and a corresponding measuring scale. Here the measuring scale is mounted directly on the shaft. In this way the MiniCODERs do not need dedicated bearings and are maintenance free and wear-free.

Lenord + Bauer