MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Secure and easy remote access solutions fully integrated with Mitsubishi Electric automation devices

Secomea A/S is a privately owned company and one of the leading providers of remote access solutions for the automation and machine industry. Over the years, Secomea has built a strong line of Firewall/VPN and Industrial Communications Solutions with a unique emphasis on making the solutions easy to install, setup and use. This is implied in the company name that is an abbreviation of: Secure Communication Made Easy. Secomea’s remote access solution is deployed and used by major machine builders and system integrators all over the world.

Where typical remote access solutions are based on traditional VPN, the Secomea solution has solved the common issues with security and network conflicts of such routed solutions by use of encrypted proxy relay connections. This allows an extreme flexibility in central administration and control of individual user access to specific devices, with a high degree of security and with full access auditing.

The solution consists of a control unit at the factory (SiteManager) in form of either hardware or software and a Web- or Windows based client (LinkManager) operated by technicians or end-users. These two components are tied together via a central M2M communication server (GateManager).

The solution is Security Certified by the German security organization ProtectEM GmbH in close cooperation with the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. The certification is based on Auditing processes according to NIST SP800-115 & ISECOM OSSTMM, concept auditing based on BSI (German federal office for information security), ISA 99, and IEC 62443, combined with in-depth component and system auditing to ensure end-to-end security.

With the Secomea solution, Mitsubishi Electric can provide a complete security concept for remote access connections scalable for small to large applications. To a part of the MELSEC System Q for the various applications (database connections) and protocols (IEC60870, IEC61850, DNP3 ...) or for programming and visualization. This furthermore complies with other products in the control, drive and robotics technology. With this secure remote access concept Mitsubishi Electric supports all relevant devices holistically integrated into a single application