MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Solutions for Modul and PACK Line

  • High-speed tracking
  • High-speed, high-accuracy transfer
  • Robot/human collaborative workSolutions for Modul and Pack Line

Solution overview

Issues Solutions
Want to easily share data between devicesHigh-speed, high-accuracy transfer 
Want to standardize equipment while accommodating various process configurationsCollaborative work between humans and robots

Solution details

Want to easily share data between devices

Robot high-speed, high-accuracy transfer technology

Use external encoder data or CCD detection to perform high-speed tracking of battery position on conveyor and achieve high-speed transfer to the next conveyor.

Improve productivity by enabling high-speed transfer without stopping the conveyor, even if the battery position and angle conditions vary.

Improve productivity through collaborative work between humans and robots

High-speed palletising work using robots. Optimised arm length and structure for palletisation work and improved freedom of layout.

Achieve improved trajectory accuracy by changing the position gain in real time. High-accuracy vision or force sensors can also be used. 

Want to standardise equipment while accommodating various process configurations

Enable collaborative work with high safety, conforming to requirements of international safety standards. Achieve production continuity by not stopping system even when human enters/leaves robot operating range.

Human work areas and robot operating areas can be isolated by monitoring plane settings as a safety measure.