MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changements pour le meilleur
MELSERVO-JET est un système d'asservissement qui offre simplicité, connectivité, convivialité et un contrôle avancé de la suppression des vibrations pour améliorer les performances et l'efficacité de la machine.

Servo amplifier

These versatile servos can be used in a variety of applications that require fast, high-precision movement. They offer several major advantages:

Product Advantage: Simplicity for Clean and Compact Designs

  • Compact footprint with top and bottom wiring to save space and simplify wiring routes
  • Unified unit heights and depth across all capacity drives for streamlined design

Connectivity for Flexible System Configurations

  • 1 Gbps CC-Link TSN based motion for time synchronization across all connected devices, including servo amplifiers, motion modules, I/Os, PLC, etc.
  • CC-Link IE TSN facilitates IoT infrastructure across the manufacturing enterprise
  • Multinetwork connectivity with compatibility with EtherCAT®, allowing for a communication cycle of 125s

 Usability for Quick Operation Start

  • Instant start-up tuning to enable smooth and instant machine operation
  • One-Touch Tuning function for optimal performance and reduced settling time without requiring tuning experience
  • Advanced Vibration Suppression Control II™ effectively suppresses vibration on load and machine base, enhancing high-response motion and improving productivity in a multi-inertia mechanism

Rotary servo motor

The HG-KNS and HG-SNS series are a great solution in conditions requiring high precision, such as machine manufacturing. Rotary motors (HG-KNS and HG-SNS) are equipped with an encoder with a resolution of 4,194,304 pulses per revolution, which allows for more accurate positioning.

These servo motors are available from 100 W to 3 kW in the 200 V AC class. Different motor designs allow users to select the best motor characteristics for their application.


Compatible avec CC-Link IE TSN et EtherCAT® interface.

Servomoteur rotatif

Équipé d'un codeur de 4 194 304 impulsions/tour. Gammes de 100 W à 3 kW en classe 200 V AC. Séries HG-KNS et HG-SNS.