MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changements pour le meilleur

innovating automation: Advanced Sensor Solutions, intelligent Networking Systems.

Balluff offers a high quality product range of substantial breadth: sensors and systems for linear displacement measurement, identification, object detection and fluid measurement, including network and connection technology and extensive accessories.

Industry 4.0 describes not only the intelligent networking of process equipment, but linking the manufacturing with the IT - level. Seamless communication from the sensor to the Internet is a basic prerequisite. For several years this has been supported with IO-Link process devices and can be integrated easily in holistic system concepts.

Balluff supports this fieldbus-independent point to point IO-Link and the connection transmits signals and data of any kind through a simple three-wire cable in both directions. Direct access to the lowest unit level is possible from almost any point. In parallel to the control of all process devices, they can be centrally monitored, configured, and tested. A logical step in the direction of more flexible production processes and integrated network management.