MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changements pour le meilleur

From Things to Outcomes – Linking operational data with business information to drive real value and differentiation with new business models.

From Things to Outcomes

The massive numbers of connected things and the explosion of data generated by connected devices (“Things”) will change the way we do business forever. The journey a company takes to get from “Things to Outcomes” is becoming the catalyst for digitization. IoT is not necessarily new to most companies. However, many are collecting and storing the data and may also have the ability to visualize it. With SAP Leonardo, our endeavor is to provide an innovation solution portfolio that enables companies to not only realize digital transformation of existing end-to-end business processes, but also enable them to evolve new business models to run digitally.

SAP provides a highly innovative IoT portfolio which extends the digital core (ERP) with adaptive applications, big data applications and connectivity to enable new business processes, new business models and new work environments.

SAP and Mitsubishi Electric

The partnership between Mitsubishi Electric and SAP enables customers and partners to easily link shop floor and asset information with SAP Cloud Platform for advanced analytics. With the help of SAP’s Leonardo Portfolio customers reach deep integration into business processes and can benefit from driving real value from operational information.