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Solutions for air conditioning system efficiency

In addition to avoiding plant downtime, are you also looking to avoid wasteful power consumption and enable easier maintenance through early detection of machine failures?

The solution is our energy-saving support device system, known as the inverter FREQROL Series.

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The optimal output characteristics (V/F characteristics) can be selected to suit the application and load characteristics, and the inverter automatically streamlines motor control without the need for detailed parameter settings. In addition, it has a built-in auto-tuning function that measures the circuit constant of the motor, enabling stable motor drive even if wiring length is long or differences exist between individual motors. Furthermore, the use of an optimal excitation control mode that enables maximum motor efficiency reduces wasteful motor loss, minimises power consumption, and achieves good cost-effectiveness.

Users can store the relationship between speed and torque without failure, compare the current load condition with the stored failure characteristics, and output an error/warning when out of the normal range. Abnormalities such as filter clogging and belt breakage can be detected, making maintenance easier.

Availability of life diagnosis checks is extended compared to the FR-E700 series. This enhanced diagnosis function ensures reliable operation of the system. The design life of cooling fans and capacitors has been extended to 10 years.
The trace function allows the operating state (output frequency, etc.) immediately before the protective function operation to be stored in the built-in RAM of the inverter. By copying the stored data (trace data) to a USB memory or directly loading it into a PC, fault analysis is easy with inverter setup software (FR Configurator 2)